California Regulators Update Renewable Energy Interconnection Rules

California Regulators Update Renewable Energy Interconnection Rules   As reported by UtilityDIVE, California has approved an update to its distributed resource interconnection rules. The updated rules are expected to provide developers with more certainty about cost of bringing projects online, while spurring utilities to develop standardized cost lists for some upgrades. Under the updated rules, […]

7 Garden Maintenance Tips In Autumn

As Autumn approaches in Melbourne, many householders are starting to prepare their gardens for the colder months and taking care of the little jobs that may have passed them by. The season plays an important role in how well your plants, trees and foliage will do during the winter time, so with 7 simple preparation […]

Environmental change could lessen Adélie penguin populaces

CC BY  Jason Auch Even a species that has benefited from temperature increases in the past may be hurt by excessive warming. Adélie penguins (Phygoscelis adeliae) have lived in Antarctica for millions of years. They are one of only two penguin species found exclusively on the continent, the other being Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri). Unlike […]