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increase efficiency, lower costs

No matter your business, it’s critical for you to have oversight and control over your inventory, staff, and services. Until now, that’s been difficult to achieve in facilities management. Double Division’s proprietary platform enables a new level of control and insights in the field. Our technology brings complete transparency to your service efforts.

Now, our technology can help others in the facilities management industry to develop long-lasting relationships based on trust with their clients.

total visibility

Whether you use our Manage Site set-up or complete the process with your own team, you will have a comprehensive overview of each site – including work order documentation, material and inventory control, site survey photos, GPS tracking, and necessary preventative maintenance. 

With our platform’s 360-degree view, your teams will be able to plan their jobs for the day and make sure they have all the tools and inventory they need. This prevents unnecessary trips back to the office, which ends up saving not only time but also money, as you avoid unnecessary fuel costs and expensive wear on your vehicles.

This also improves your carbon footprint, as you’re cutting down on drive time and slicing job time.

under one roof

With integrated work management, we create a powerful work management experience. Your users input their work orders and tie them to job sites. Jobs contain details and photographs of workers assigned to a job, identifying who is authorized to be on-site and thus tightening security. Performing a high-quality job each and every time is critical to your business. The 360-site view allows vendors to familiarize themselves with the work site without them ever having to set foot there.

Access to decision-driving data sets our platform apart from any other. Built with your stakeholders in mind, our reporting tools provide insight into job cycle time, customer satisfaction, and overall job quality. Use these reports to evaluate costs and efficiency, and to provide KPIs for vendor or management company contract negotiations.

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